Tuesday, 29 July 2014

My Cure For Twitter Jitters.

I'm writing this blog entry on my phone.

Now there's a sentence you wouldn't have read twenty years ago!

It's perfectly true though, all thanks to an 'app' version of Blogger which (theoretically) makes it 'simple to blog on the go' - for whatever reason you might feel the need to do such a thing.

Those aforementioned twenty years ago, "blogging on the go" might have been little more than a coded expression for using the toilet at a motorway service station. Nowadays it means broadcasting random personal thoughts via telephones. Does that imply progress, I wonder? Both definitions involve letting out crap, I suppose.

Anyway, this is just a quick service station toilet visit - partly to test this new technology, but chiefly to announce that my Twitter 'handle' has changed from @BottledBeerYear to @RealMarkDexter

This change has happened for various reasons, but it's mostly a way to reduce the amount of times I have to explain my username to those who don't know about this website (and the secret love of fine beer which it so willingly betrays!)

It makes absolutely no difference to you lot - the Twitter account is exactly the same in every other way - it's really just like a new address for the same old house, but apparently after making such slight changes it's considered polite to simply let folk know about it.

Which you do. Now.

So, if I can work out how to actually post something from this new app, I guess I'll go right ahead and do it.

Which makes me wonder if 'posting' is now the service station equivalent of 'pulling the chain'?

I'll let you be the judge of that.