Sunday, 7 August 2011

Things Are Looking Upham!

As Robert Duvall famously says in Apocalypse Now -  "I love the smell of Upham in the morning."

Or something very like that, at least.

But that's certainly what I was saying yesterday morning when a certain box arrived from Hampshire.

I'm delighted to have this brewery on board, there's something about their refreshingly unpretentious 'family run' ethos that I'm keen to know more about.

The beers they've sent are (from left to right)...

Upham Ale - (Bitter) 4.0% ABV

Upham Nectar - (Golden ale) 3.8% ABV

Stakes Ale (Premium ale) 4.6% ABV

The concept of 'micro brewery' is being forever stretched and redefined these days, but these guys are the real deal by anyone's standards, and that makes me particularly excited about sampling these ales.

Stay tuned for the reviews, and get a little sense of Upham here in the meantime.


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