Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 116, Beer 116 - Windsor & Eton's "Knight of the Garter"

Today's Beer

Name – Knight of the Garter

Brewer – Windsor & Eton

Classification – Golden ale

Strength – 3.8% ABV

Verdict - At A Glance

On the eye – Warm, rich gold.

On the nose – Ultra-grapefruit. Ultra-orange. Ultra-nice.

On the tongue – A model golden beer. Dry, citrus rich, and ceaselessly refreshing.

On the subject – So much to say. I reckon I'll just invite you to read on...

On the market – Hardly the ubiquitous label that it should be, but whilst the momentum is building try online at Ales By Mail.

On the

Full Review

And so it came to pass that my third Winsdor & Eton beer was able to officially confirm my long held suspicion.

This is one of the most excellent new breweries in Britain.

And it's 'rapiers at dawn' for anyone who claims otherwise.

There is a sense of finesse and long-established style about everything they create. But equally strong is the feeling of humble, forthright integrity, the presence of which never allows their obvious self-assuredness to spill over into arrogant showmanship – that unfortunate lamp-post which certain other new breweries seem unable to resist cocking their legs at.

Knight Of The Garter is an intricate beer, but the sublime balance is so inescapably comforting, and the overall composition of the many flavours has been so skilfully pitched, that is easy to forget just how dynamic, nuanced and complex this ale really is.

Vivid (but never unruly) high-note fruits collide with a superbly sharp bitterness, and the overall citrus dryness is supported nobly by gentle nut and savoury biscuit malts.

The grapefruit, so abundant in the aroma, never attempts to dominate in the mouth, but instead it makes room for other clearly defined fruits such as orange, mango and even kiwi.

This is a real treat. It's one of those unashamedly 'enjoyable' beers, and I have to say I was very sorry to watch it (rapidly) disappear.

All in all, I salute this brewery.

Their presence in the marketplace is as welcome as any other brewery I know.

It's been a genuine pleasure to discover them.

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