Friday, 26 November 2010

The Big Bottled Beer Idea.

Try one different variety of bottled beer, every day, for an entire year.

That's the plan.

Starting tomorrow, I will sample, savour and speculate on the various merits of one new bottled beer - each and every day for the next three hundred and sixty-five. On offer at the end of every quaffed brew, will be a balanced ordinary beer lover's opinion on the product, which may come from within the UK's borders or far beyond.

As a CAMRA member and long-standing member of the notoriously thirsty show-business fraternity - I certainly know my ale! I'm also an ardent fan of the lost art of no-nonsense straight talk, so I'm hoping that over the course of my potentially merry - and potentially lethal - journey I'll be able to paint a fairly useful picture of the various bottled gems on our supermarket shelves, as well as the shelves of our more specialist boutique-type establishments, and the wondrously exotic shelves of our beer-gulping global neighbours.

As you can imagine, I can hardly wait!

There's just one small ingredient missing...

I reckon I'll muddle through quite nicely for a good month or two, with a few personal favourites already in mind as well as various tipples I've been aware of but have yet to explore. But beyond that, I think I might need a few pointers as to which bottled beers out there really need my attention.

So, if anyone knows of an unsung bottled-treasure which deserves to be discovered - make me aware, and I'll get it on the list! Even if it's a widely stocked favourite - by some miracle I might have missed it - so send it in and I'll free up an evening for it!

(To get a better sense of how each review will be conducted - see here.)

Well, there you have it. Day One arrives tomorrow, and all that remains is for me to decide which bottled delight will start the year rolling.

'Where to start?', he pondered...


Baron Orm said...

Great to have another beer blogger on board and one that also focusses on bottled ales, I thought I was all alone! ;)

I've been 'baron rating' bottled beers for a bit over a year now, here is my full rating list as I know you asked about what's good in the bottled market:

Good luck sticking to your 'beer a day' and I look forward to reading your bottled beer reviews!

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Thanks, Baron. I'll be sure to peruse that mighty list. Be interesting to see if we've a similar set of favourites by the end of it all. I appreciate the good luck wishes - around about midway through, I may be in clinical need of them!