Thursday, 24 March 2011

Launching "Project Venus"

The message is loud and clear..."Watch out boys, the girls are here - and they're in no mood for small talk!"

For those of you who don't yet have Project Venus on their radar - take a look here for a good introduction to the concept.

Several big industry players on the female side of the infamous divide, have joined forces to help promote and evolve the various issues that women want brought into the world of beer - a planet still largely under the control of the hairier variety of human.

However, rather interestingly, instead of using debate and argument to highlight what women really want from a glass of beer - they've decided to let their very own ales do the talking for them. This is a bunch of pro-active women answering the thorny question of 'what would you like to drink?' in the most effective way imaginable - by brewing the solution themselves.

I think this is a fantastic move, and I only wish I could take a night off from my ultra-manly job in the theatre (stop giggling!) to attend their inaugural event at The Rake Bar in Borough Market - at which they will launch the project's first collaboratively created brew entitled "Venus Jade".

The event is on April 4th and it looks set to be a pretty significant occasion on this year's beer calendar.

I wish Project Venus all the very best - I sense this is going to make a lasting impression on the industry.

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