Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Okay Okells!

Speeding all the way from the Isle Of Man to my ever grateful doorstep are these tantalising bottles from Okells Brewery.

This company - created by a certain Dr Okell - has a pretty mighty heritage, and can trace it's roots back to a revolutionary steam powered brewery, which itself was built some twenty-four years after the brewery's original inception way back in 1850.

"A mighty heritage implies mighty beers," he cackled to himself, tossing his head back wildly like someone who'd just received yet another large case of free beer.

The brews I'll be exploring over the coming weeks are (from left to right) -

'Aile' - (Traditional Porter) 4.8% ABV

'Maclir' - (Light Wheat Beer) 4.4% ABV

'IPA' - (India Pale Ale, as you might have guessed) 4.5% ABV

'1907' (Limited Edition IPA-Style 'TT-Races' Commemorative Beer) 6.1% ABV

Goodness knows how I'm going to stop myself from cracking all of these at once. I'll probably have to chain myself to the wall again...

Only six thousand of the '1907' were ever bottled, and I'm now in possession of three of those. That's practically ten percent!


Look out for the reviews over the coming weeks to see just how 'mighty' these great looking ales really are.


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