Monday, 20 June 2011

The Dog's Ballards!

With my West End theatrical shenanigans finally at an end, a sense of welcome normality has returned to Beer Year HQ, and that normality has now been further enhanced by the arrival at the door of yet another box of beer.

'O, the gladdening effects of ale's arrival.'

In this instance, the shipment is from Sussex-based Ballard's, who are now in their forth decade of beer production. And what a first rate reputation they have evolved in this time! I'm delighted to say that I'll soon be discovering what that considerable fuss is all about.

The beers are (from left to right) -

'Ballard's Best Bitter' - a best bitter, quite obviously (4.2 % ABV)

'Wassail' - a premium ale (6.0% ABV)

'Odd Couple' - a strong ale/barley wine (8.9% ABV)

'Nyewood Gold' - a premium ale (5.0% ABV)

I don't mind admitting that this bunch of utter Ballard's has got me genuinely worked up!

Look out for the reviews over the coming weeks.

(Permissions for all bad puns used in the making of this article were granted by The Poor Judgement League.) 

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