Thursday, 23 June 2011

Newark's 'Real Ale Store' Is Online!

For those of you who are fortunate enough to live in the Nottinghamshire area, but who have not yet discovered the many delights of Newarks's boutique craft beer shop, here's a look at what you're missing.

Nice, eh?

But what's even nicer is that those of you are not sufficiently blessed to be living nearby can now dry your eyes because the shop has a very nifty online version of itself which will happily deliver these splendid goodies to your door. You will find The Real Ale Store website here.

In the meantime - here's another snap to click on and generally salivate over.

The stock is wide ranging and properly international, with the emphasis on high quality UK ale, cider and perry.

I recommend this outfit most highly.

Go seek it out either in person or on the net as soon as you can - it's a real gem.


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