Friday, 2 September 2011

The Shepherd Neame Team!

I dare you not to drool!

Many of my UK-based readers will be wondering how this blog has managed to run for so long without featuring a single beer from Kent's famous Shepherd Neame brewery.

Basically, it's hard to move around in this part of the world without bumping into a bottled ale from this company at least once per day, their share of the domestic bottle market is easily as large as anyone else's. In fact, it often seems as though UK law actively prohibits supermarkets from opening their doors without having at least three Shepherd Neame titles on their shelves.

If such a draconian law were ever to be passed - I suspect very few people would grumble!

Anyway, Shepherd Neame have clearly grown tired of waiting around for their beers to make an appearance, so they've gone and organized a grand entrance all of their own.


The beers are (from left to right)...

Christmas Ale - (Strong seasonal ale) 7.0% ABV

Goldings - (Golden ale) 4.5% ABV

1698 - (Strong ale) 6.5% ABV

Master Brew - (Bitter) 4.0% ABV

Canterbury Jack - (Pale ale) 4.0% ABV

Spitfire - (Premium bitter) 4.5% ABV

Bishop's Finger - (Strong ale) 5.4% ABV

Whitstable Bay - (Golden ale) 5.0% ABV

Late Red - (Premium ale) 4.5% ABV

It's high time these brews were on board, and I can't wait to get properly acquainted with every one of them.

Stay tuned!


Velky Al said...

Shepherd Neame are one of my favourite brewers, and in Bishop's Finger, one of my favourite beers! Indeed, it was Bishop's Finger on cask that turned my head from Caffrey's and John Smith's!!

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Velky - That's some accolade!

I'd say there must be a great many beer lovers with Shepherd Neame tales to tell.

I remember one of my oldest friends turning 18 and keeping at least one bottle of Spitfire in his bedroom from then on.

I also seem to recall sharing a fair number of them with him...

It would have been rude not too.