Thursday, 8 September 2011

Windsor & Eton - The Return!

Transforming my day from a mere Thursday into a glorious landmark occasion is this second batch from Windsor & Eton Brewery.

I've made no secret of my admiration from this mighty micro, and I stand by my prediction that this will go down in history as one of the most successful small breweries of its generation.

My previous reviews of their beers can be found here, but these latest arrivals could well outdo their stable-mates if all the considerable recent hype is true.

The beers are (from left to right...)

Conqueror 1075 - (Black IPA) 7.4% ABV

Republika - (Pilsner Lager) 4.8% ABV

Windsor Knot - ('Royal Wedding' commemorative beer) 4.5% ABV

Geographically speaking, it seems only fair that this brewery should step up to the plate with a beer to mark a certain recent royal event, but it's really those other two beers that are going to keep me up all night with excitement for the next couple of weeks or so.

Stay tuned for the reviews.


Zak Avery said...

Republika is a total beast. Really great.

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Zak -

Yes sir, I feel your love.

I just hope you can still empathise with the pain of someone who ain't tried it yet.

'Craft Pilsner' - as a concept - already holds a place in my heart that I never dreamed would be available for 'such drinks' if you get my meaning. I'd say many of us have been too hard on certain beer styles for too long.