Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Take A Look At Lees!

When sending samples, some breweries - for reasons I've never felt inclined to question - send me huge lorry loads of beer.

Which is nice.

Other breweries send smaller batches featuring selected items as part of a specific PR push.

This is fine too.

But now I'm having to add Manchester's J.W. Lees into the equation, who have introduced an entirely new approach to this process.

This celebrated brewery's intriguing and rather ingenious plan was to send along just two titles consisting of one sample each, but to then back up this delivery with a short email saying that these beers were merely "to get you started".

Given the impressive nature of the rest of their range, such a message was enough to fully capture my vivid imagination.

And what a way to 'get started' this really is, with not only one of their best loved brews involved - but also their very latest.

The beers are (from left to right) -

The Governor - ('All malt' beer/bitter) 4.1% ABV

Moonraker - (Strong ale) 7.5% ABV

Without meaning to get all giddy over one of these beers in particular, I must admit that The Governor - with its 'Marco Pierre White collaborative' status - does already have me approaching a state of what might be described as 'partial giddiness'.

Whether this develops into a full blown giddy-fit subsequent to tasting remains to be seen - but rumour has it that William Hill have already stopped taking bets on a top ten score.

Stay tuned for the full reviews.


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