Friday, 14 October 2011

We've All Been Badgered!

Last week, the beady-eyed Pub Curmudgeon spotted that Badger Brewery had harnessed the power to rewrite history.

Many of you will know the (now famous) story behind the naming of their widely admired beer 'Tangle Foot'.

Basically, the label told us that the head brewer stumbled slightly at the end of a tasting session, having succumbed somewhat to the inevitable effects of several mouthfuls of beer.

But let's be absolutely clear here.

This was beer which he was obliged to taste in significant amounts in order to properly assess the quality and character of a product which he was chiefly responsible for.

Simply put - he was doing his job.

A vital part of his job.

We wouldn't want to hear that the head brewer of a highly renowned company had merely sipped the drink before approving it and shipping it out across the world. We want to be sure that he has sat with at least a couple of back to back glasses to fully gauge how the drink's appeal changes over a period of time.

I would never review a beer that I'd merely sniffed, and I wouldn't expect the senior person in the brewhouse to do anything similar.

But it seems that Badger have recently developed a sense of shame about this story.

Because they've changed it.

Recently modified Tangle Foot labels tell us that the head brewer did not in fact stumble due to the effects of alcohol - but that he actually tripped on his dog's lead.

I just laughed out loud when typing that last sentence.



What in the name of God are they talking about?

So many questions are triggered by this - but before you take a look at the two labels (shown below) - here are the questions I'd most like to focus on...

Were those original labels factually incorrect, meaning the new one's are merely setting the record straight?

Or - has the new version merely been altered to suit some present day politically correct agenda?

And if that is so - does this mean that the job of a head brewer is no longer politically correct? Should all head brewers now feel ashamed about carrying out certain aspects of their vital jobs?

Finally, could it just be that both stories are utter nonsense, in which case why not just drop the entire 'tale' and re-brand the beer properly, instead of quietly changing supposed 'facts' hoping nobody notices?

If nobody noticed, it would mean nobody cared in the first place. But many people did care, and those people are now feeling pretty foolish for believing this historical account for all these years.

As I've already said in the comments section over in the Pub Curmudgeon's article, I've absolutely had it with Badger until they either rectify this or explain it. My ardent Badger boycott started last week and it continues.

But now, for your perusal, here is the damning evidence courtesy of my local ASDA - who continue to stock old branded cans and new branded bottles side by side, along with their old and new versions of the truth... (click on the pictures to expand - or find full transcripts at the original Curmudgeon page here)

You're either laughing or crying by now.

If you're crying - or perhaps just feeling a little bit insulted - do feel free to join me in a spot of gentle boycotting.



Anonymous said...

Okay. That sucks. Sick of corporations doing the sly dirty on me. Count me in on the boycott.

Unknown said...

Anon - It does make you wonder about big companies (plural!)and their motivations, and their general opinion of us consumers.

Badger call this beer 'Legendary' Tangle Foot.

Precisely which legend do they mean, I wonder?

GamingAles said...

Yeah I noticed the change in the story too. I was like, WTF? However, it did make me think I'd imagined the first story though until your post. I guess they didn't want to associate their beer with getting bladdered too much.

Unknown said...

Bickle - Yes, I imagine that's exactly the response they were hoping for. An entire nation of beer drinkers all assuming they'd remembered the story incorrectly!


I'm glad I helped to show you that your memory is working just fine!

GamingAles said...

It is quite a relief to hear confirmation that I hadn't actually imagined the original story, so yes I'm definitely appreciative of your sanity re-affirming post. What of the ferrets though from Badger's Fursty Ferret fame? Please tell me this isn't also a blatant lie?

I need a beer.

Unknown said...

Bickle - Good point about the old ferret 'story'.

Unless that particular tale goes against the new PC mentality which has quite clearly poisoned the water over at Hall & Woodhouse, I'd say it's probably still the same.

Let's be sure to check though...