Thursday, 23 December 2010

Day 27, Beer 27 - Dent Brewery's "Aviator Ale"

Today's Beer

Name – Aviator

Brewer – Dent Brewery

Classification – Amber Ale

Strength – 4% ABV

Verdict - At A Glance

On the eye – Warm, deep orange. Tempting to behold.

On the nose – Creamed raisins and buttermilk.

On the tongue – Biscuits, bread, baked apples... not at all horrible.

On the subject – Nestled into picturesque the hills of Cumbria, the Dent Brewery's idyllic setting literally finds its way into the beer.

On the market – A very useful list can be found here. Being in Cumbria helps!

On the whole7.5/10

Full Review

There's a lovely 'bake-house' feel to this beer.

It's possesses the kind of malty deliciousness which brings to mind warm shortbread biscuits and freshly baked farmhouse loaves.

All in all, for a beer marketed very much the spirit of an adventuring pioneer, there's something paradoxically even-keeled and comforting about it.

But then, perhaps they had this sense of paradox firmly in mind when they choose an aeroplane-flying sheep as their mascot. I certainly had no inclination to board a jet after a couple of sips of this very decent brew. In fact, after a short while, a trip to the nearest comfy chair was about all I was planning.

There's even a soothing undercurrent of apple pie to further add to this wondrously 'fireside' appeal. I was left feeling a certain inclination to begin befriending random strangers, and it was as though this was exactly what the beer had in mind. I do admire that quality in an ale, and it's an increasingly rare quality to find.

If all this talk of domesticity, warm breads and kinship sounds hopelessly romantic, well, I would say it's very much a case of the 'beer talking' in this particular case, and for what it's worth – it is absolutely speaking my language.

For those who like their beers well hopped, deeply malted, but with the added appeal of citrus infused biscuit – this could well be the ale for you.

For those who like kicking off their shoes, finding comfy chairs and getting social....well, it's right up your street, too.

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