Friday, 24 December 2010

Day 28, Beer 28 - Skinner's "Keel Over"

Today's Beer

Name - Keel Over

Brewery - Skinner's

Classification - Amber Ale

Strength - 4.2% ABV

Verdict - At A Glance

On the eye - A certain type of soft drink (Read on...)

On the nose - Dark treacle-laced malts. Powerful stuff!

On the tongue - High citrus hops. Not as well balanced as the label info claims. They did name it 'Keel Over'... which hardly suggests good balance!

On the market - Beer Ritz sent this one along. Local outlets abound.

On the whole - 6/10

Full Review

Orange squash.

Or is it orange 'cordial'?

Whetever the current fashionable industry name for a diluted orange fruit drink is, this beer is the grown up version of it.

So much so, that I reckon it really ought to be made by 'Robinsons' and be sat in large refridgerators beside the Centre Court at Wimbledon. Though, what impact that would have on the Federer backhand is a debatable point.

For those who enjoy orange cordial - I strongly recommend this very faithful adult rendition of your cherished tipple.

For me, though, I reckon I would need to go a few sets with that same Mr Federer before I'd instinctively reach for this brew. In such curcumstances, I've little doubt that this beer would prove to be extremely refreshing. But in most other scenarios, I'd find it a very 'quirky' choice to opt for, and possibly just a quirk too far.

That being said, the drink certainly has character, and in a world of mass produced bland beers - every little helps. But I would be cautious of using this drink as a means of inticing any blandness lovers of the world to take an initial step into the world of taste, because if anything - there's possibly just a little too much character for the uninitiated to handle!

I would place this beer on my 'only under certain circumstances' list. And unless my tennis skills develop very rapidly any time soon - those circumstances may never quite arise.

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