Friday, 10 December 2010

Oldershaw Brewery Invitation

The Hearty Goodfellow has been propositioned by this lovely lady from Grantham in Lincolnshire :- 

Naturally, old 'HG' is giddy with excitement! be slightly more precise - 

Having discovered that their delightful 'Old Boy' had featured here on 'The Bottled Beer Year', the folks over at Oldershaw's Brewery have extended an invitation to take a tour of their East Midlands-based brewing operation - and relieve their warehouse of a healthy selection of their other beers to add to The B.B.Y.'s list of reviews!


Next Wednesday is the date scheduled for the visit - which also happens to be a brew day, so I may yet be put to work! 

I'll be posting a feature about the trip soon after. An insight into the workings of this exciting and increasingly celebrated company should be fascinating... 

Stay tuned! 

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