Saturday, 29 January 2011

Beer Year Update!

Bottled Beer Year - The Director's Cut!

Sienna Miller

Sir Trevor Nunn

The Bottled Beer Year is having to evolve. But how could the two showbiz individuals shown above be responsible?

Well,  Sir 'Trev' has given yours truly very little choice but to take a role in his new theatre project, which just happens to feature Miss Miller.

This involves poor me having to up-sticks and move to London for a while, and engage in prolonged periods of actual work.

This, inevitably, will enforce some small changes to this here blog.

In essence, The Bottled Beer Year will continue as normal, but the chances of me sticking to the plan of reviewing a new beer every single day have been dramatically (excuse the pun) reduced. Cracking a bottle during rehearsals seems inappropriate, as does supping a large one before a show, and giving proper detailed attention to a new post every time the curtain falls seems risky or plain unlikely.

As for taste-testing during a show, well, I really don't suppose there's a long tradition of beer reviewing on-stage at the Theatre Royal Haymarket.

Though, that's merely speculation...

In short, the reviews here on The Bottled Beer Year will continue, but at a slightly more leisurely pace to allow sensible space for some new 'real world' commitments.

You could say I'm merely re-branding a little - just like so many breweries have been doing lately.

Is this a setback, a failure, or a marvellous rebirth?

The reality is that the 'beer a day' theme was really just a context in which to place a desire to begin to write about beer, and I hope that the tremendous subsequent interest in the site - from readers and breweries alike - will mean that my loyal visitors won't look upon me too harshly for taking a wage and posting just a little less often.

The show must, and will go on.

It's just that there are now two shows.

That's all.


arn said...

congratulations on the role!

Ghost Drinker said...

maybe you could slip in some tastings somehow, into the shows. ;)

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

arn - Thanks very much for that. The odd thing is, there was a strong sting of disappointment that I'd now have to delve into new beers at a reduced rate.

Though, on balance, I think a healthy work/blog balance is probably a good thing...


The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Ghost - Well, put it this way... the consumption of ale does feature quite heavily in the script.

1940's ale, served in a Lincolnshire guest house.

They are probably assuming that the beer will be fake...

Rob said...

The work and blog balance is very important. It's the same for me. Most of the time we brew beer, some of the time we taste beer. Congrats on the role.

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Cheers Rob, it's funny that having written so much about 'balance' on a daily basis over the past months, I'm now having to apply the concept to myself.

Does that make me an ale? And if so - which variety would I be?

I feel a new poll coming on...