Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Clever Everards!

The folks at Everards said they were sending three beers over to The Bottled Beer Year.

What you see above is the Everards definition of three beers.

Perhaps they've been reading about my misgivings over shrinking bottle sizes, and how the process of properly getting to know a beer is that much harder when you've less of it to experience.

Clearly, there's very little chance of that problem arising with these three labels! 

They are - (left to right)

Beacon (Bitter)

Original (Premium Ale)

Tiger (Best Bitter)

Each will be getting its own full feature in good time.

That's each beer - not each bottle. I've only got a year, after all.


Velky Al said...

Now if only they would send them to the States!

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

You have my sympathies!

But then, there are certain US breweries that I'll probably never see such riches from.

You win some...etc...