Friday, 21 January 2011

Day 55, Beer 55 - Oldershaw's "Alchemy"

Today's Beer

Name – Alchemy

Brewer – Oldershaw

Classification – Golden premium beer

Strength – 5.3% ABV

Verdict - At A Glance

On the eye – Well, just by looking, you'd think this was just another golden ale. But it's not... (Read on!)

On the nose – Rampant breakfast! Mr Kellogg and his friends should be very afraid!

On the tongue – A uniquely balanced golden beer, with a depth of flavour like no other.

On the subject – Lincolnshire's Oldershaw Brewery have new owners at the helm these days. Keep a very close eye on them, I would advise.

On the market – Selected Lincolnshire stores (Hallam's Deli, for example) but word is now spreading. Richard is stocking at Newark's Real Ale Store, or drop the brewery a line.

On the

Full Review

Next time you find yourself contemplating the idea of drinking beer for breakfast – cast your bleary eyes in the direction of this brew.

It's simply bursting with morning goodness – toast, marmalade, cereals, honey – and it has all been assembled with the most skilfully balanced precision.

I was wishing for daybreak after the first sip.

It should be noted that for those of you who frown upon morning alcohol consumption (all of you, I hope!) – this brew is also ideal for the hours which come significantly later in the day.

Without wishing to get too unbridled in my praise of this beer – it is quite simply gorgeous, and I reckon it has to be among the best golden beers on the market.

My age old misgiving (if not gripe) about the 'golden' ales, is that they are very often overtly sharp and austere in flavour, they can easily lack any real balance, and they have the habit of being pretty unsubstantial in consistency.

Oldershaw have triumphed over all of these usual adversaries by underpinning the hops and the citrus theme with lashings of all that aforementioned toast, honey and cereal – achieved by ingenious use of a very sumptuous pale malt/wheat combination – and they've somehow managed to make the body firm and robust.

It's fresh, it's appetising, and it has a ridiculously lovely butterscotch finish that will do nothing less than delight you.

This is a mighty creation from a small micro.

Oldershaw are definitely going places, but they may need to reassess some important things before very long.

Because in my view, their skills are already far too big for their current boots.

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