Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Shocking Worthington's Truth!

I'm embarrassed.

I really am.

Yesterday, I took delivery of two boxes of goodies, which came in the form of entirely separate deliveries.

I opened one, and decided that it would be the delivery to post next. That became the Worthington's post which went online earlier today.


Later this morning, I got around to opening that second box which, it appears, was also from Worthington's.

Now, as I said, I'm embarrassed.

Anyway, here's a brand new picture of the full consignment from Worthington's - with nifty multiple-angles of the various labels to zoom in on at your leisure.

Be prepared for a yet another 'new' set of pictures when the third box arrives.

I should have known that this is the kind of thing that happens when you start rolling with the big boys such as Molson Coors.

All the same, I'm still so very, very embarrassed...


v3l3nomortale said...

as I have lived until now without this blog?

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

Now you will live forever!

Barry M said...

I'm half jealous, as I only got one box. :D You now have the option of drinking one of each, and ageing the rest. Nice! :)

The Hearty Goodfellow said...

I was literally just reading your piece moments ago (catching up after a couple of slack days).

I was empathising with your tough dilemma - until I remembered the spare set!