Monday, 24 January 2011

Wearing the Badger with pride!

Hall & Woodhouse have decided to get their Badger range of ales involved The Bottled Beer Year.

Never has a wild woodland creature been so welcome in my home!

One of the larger British brands in terms of bottled beer, it is extremely apt that they should be named after Britain's largest native carnivore - because one look at these beauties gets me all bloodthirsty and ravenous!

The Badger beers now awaiting their own full features are - (from left to right)

Golden Champion - (Golden ale)
Blandford Fly - (Premium ale)
Tangle Foot - (Golden ale)
Long Days - (Summer ale)
Badger First Gold - (Ruby brown ale)
Dandelion - (Flavoured organic ale)
Poacher's Choice - (Strong ale)
Fursty Ferret - ('Seasonal' amber ale. Available year-round in bottles)
Golden Glory - (Premium ale)

They also sent along their River Cottage collaboration ale 'Stinger'...

...which will also be getting a feature to itself before long.

Oh, and of course Badger also make cider....

...however my house rules leave me with little choice but to set aside these for anyone brave enough to start a project called 'The Bottled Cider Year.'

Hang on. That's not a bad idea.

I'll race you to it!

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