Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Worthington's - Three shields to the wind!

          Red,          Orange,       White,        and Gold!

A trio of mythical ales and a certain iconic stout fit for a Czar!

The folks at the legendary - but also ultra-new - William Worthington's Brewery (they just moved from the White Shield Brewery) have sent along nothing less than three noble knights and an Emperor to experience the full Bottled Beer Year treatment.

The red carpet is being dusted off as I speak!

The beers are - (from left to right)

Red Shield - (Burton blond ale)
Bass P2 - (Czar's Imperial stout)
White Shield - (IPA)
Celebration Shield - (Strong, special edition ale)

Those of you who know a thing or two about beer, will have caught sight of the golden coloured shield on the right and seethed mildly with envy.

The beer on the left will anger many, too.

As will the two in the middle.

In fact, the arrival of these bottles has pretty much made me hate myself.

So you're not alone.

Stay tuned for the full features on each of these ales.

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