Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Like a Lymestone Cowboy...!

You all know the song...

"Like a Rhinestone Cowboy....Getting cards and letters, from people I don't even know..."

Well, there haven't been many cards and letters yet, but there really has been a great deal of beer!

There's no better example of this than the above boat-load of ale which arrived from Staffordshire's Lymestone Brewery.

Their 'Foundation Stone' remains the highest 'clicked' review on The Bottled Beer Year so far, but they are now giving their own label a run for its money with three more titles from the range.

They are - (from left to right)

Ein Stein - (Continental pale ale)
Stone The Crows - (Dark beer)
Stone Faced - (Amber ale)
Foundation Stone - (See the Bottled Beer Year review here)

The three new titles will be individually featured over the coming days and week.

As for the extra batch of 'Foundation Stone' - well, sadly they will just have to be consumed for recreational purposes.

I really regret starting this blog!

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