Sunday, 30 January 2011

The Motley Otley Crew!

That headline might rhyme, but I must admit it's a little bit harsh, considering how refined and sophisticated these beers appear.

The Otley branding has been pretty cleverly judged. It simultaneously says "look at me" and "what are you staring at, moron?" - which is not easy to achieve, except perhaps in an expensive nightclub.

I'm very excited about his lot.

They are - (from left to right)

O1   (Golden ale)
O4 Colomb-o   (Pale golden ale)
O8   (Strong golden ale)
O - Garden   (Wheat beer)
O6 Porter   (Old style porter)
Dark - O   (Stout)

O my wOrd, Otley dO knOw hOw to get me gOing!

Reviews of each beer will be coming soon...

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